Custom Crafted Weighted Blankets

A blanket that feels like a hug

calmessense-weighted-blankets-feel-like-a-hugThink of the last time you received a hug. Remember that comfortable feeling you had, letting you physically and mentally relax? Research has shown that deep pressure stimulation activates neurotransmitters to help you feel relaxed and calm- just like a great hug would.

Crawl under your own weighted blanket

How much better could you perform daily if you were able to get a full night of great sleep? Studies have shown that the deep pressure of a weighted blanket decreases levels of cortisol, while increasing levels of serotonin and melatonin, two key factors in achieving a relaxing night’s sleep.

Deep pressure stimulation relieves

Our blankets have the potential to help relieve symptoms for those suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, Alzheimer’s, restless leg syndrome, and Parkinson’s Disease-just to name a few. That list alone accounts for over 100 million people, almost a third of the United States!

Superb fabric choices

A weighted blanket is a great investment in your health and comfort, so we at Calmessence want to make sure the look and feel of your blanket seamlessly integrates into your home. We use only premium 100% cotton and minky fabrics, and every blanket is machine washable! Please feel free to contact us with any special fabric requests!

Take your well-being a step further

Now, combine the effects of a weighted blanket with therapeutic, high-grade essential oils. We at calm-essence suggest doTERRA essential oils. We have developed an interchangeable way to diffuse your therapeutic oils, using your blanket (patent pending). We have carefully selected 18 different oils that are known to help support emotional health, relaxation, and immune system health.

Simply add a few drops to the leather snap on diffuser, labeled specifically for the type of oil you want to diffuse- preserving the purity of the oil you choose to use. Every weighted blanket will come with one free diffuser of your choice!


Check out our custom fabric choices! Don’t wait order today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right weight for me?We suggest adults, age 16 and older, appropriate weight to be 10% of their body weight. You may like less pressure or prefer more pressure the 10% weight is what is suggested.
Anyone 15 and under we suggest the blanket weight to be 10% plus one pound.
What size blankets do you have?We have small, medium, and large blankets.
Our small blankets are 44 x 34 inches. And can hold 4 to 9 pounds of weight
Our medium blankets are 60 x 42 inches. And can hold 7 to 18 pounds of weight
Our large blankets are 74 x 42 inches. And can hold 9 to 20 pounds of weight.
Why shouldn’t I buy a blanket if my child is under the age of two?The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that any sort of blankets should not be used for ages 1 and under due to the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
However, a child who is using a blanket should be able to pick up and move the blanket easily, therefore we suggest blankets only for those older than two.
How do I wash my blanket?Simply unsnap the leather diffuser and toss it in the washing machine, use warm or cold water with your regular detergent. The blankets can be tumble dried on low or air dry if preferred.
Do not iron, do not microwave, and do not dry clean.
Check your machine's weight capacity before washing.
What kind of fabrics do you use?We at Calmessence use 100 % high-grade cotton and minky fabrics.
What if I want a fabric you don’t offer?If you have a particular fabric in mind, contact us! You are welcome to mail us the fabric of your choice! Please reach out to us to get the exact measurements required for the blanket size you choose. However, the price of the blanket remains the same, there is no additional discount.
Can I get my blanket or scarf faster?We try to be accommodating to your needs. Please contact us with your particular details. We will reach out to you personally to see how we can help.
What do we use for the blanket weight?We use a high density poly pellet that is hypo allergenic, non toxic, and BPA free.
Can weight be added later?No, all the poly pellets are sewn into pockets throughout the blanket. This ensures the weight is evenly distributed.
What are your business hours?We are open 24/7 via ordering on the website and emails. Phone calls are answered between 9 am and 4pm EST. If we miss your call, leave a message we will return it as soon as possible!
Do you take returns?We accept returns within 7 days from when the product was delivered of unused items. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the product back to Calmessence, should you choose to return it. Product must be in new condition. This includes no smells, animal hair, dirt, body fluids etc. Products returned in new conditions once received will receive a full refund. If the product is returned in used condition the blanket will be returned to your shipping address.
Why is there a $3.99 shipping charge for the oils?The doTERRA oils ship directly from doTERRA. They will arrive in a specialized box that ensures the safe arrival of your new oils.
Why should I sign up for a wholesale account with doTERRA?There is a $35 fee to sign up for a wholesale account with doTERRA (this is good for one year). However, you will immediately save 25% off the total of all your essential oil orders. We also have a specialized essential oil Facebook support group to go to with any questions. We want to make sure you have all the answers to any of your questions.