About CalmEssence

CalmEssence-founder-Sarah_Free.jpgMy name is Sarah and I am a wife, a mother of two, an essential oil lover, and the owner of Calmessence! The idea of this company essentially started about 9 years ago, when I made a weighted blanket for my amazing son, who is high-functioning autistic, and has ADHD as well as sensory processing disorder. At the time, he was struggling to get a good night’s sleep, and knowing he was having a hard time resting at night prompted me to begin searching for solutions. We quickly discovered weighted blankets, and all of their benefits.

Shortly after making my son his own weighted blanket, he began resting more peacefully at night, and has slept with his “heavy” every night since. This blanket quickly became used by him not only at night, but we found he would be looking for it whenever he was stressed, anxious, or when he just needed space to himself to relax. Knowing how much this blanket helped my son, and my family, I knew I had to create a way to share the benefits of weighted blankets with others. I began making blankets not only for children, but for adults as well, offering an array of appealing color and pattern choices.

We feel that choices are important when selecting a heavy blanket to integrate into your home, and strive to have a selection that would fit into any home, as well as an array of weight sizes to accommodate multiple age groups. We have sourced the softest 100% premium cotton fabrics, amazing minky fabrics, and great patterned fabric options ranging from feminine prints to sports team prints. We weight our blankets using a high density, non-toxic, BPA free poly pellet to create a breathable, yet heavy blanket. If you would like to discuss a more customized blanket option, feel free to contact us, we would love to create something just for you!

Shortly after the creation of my son’s first weighted blanket, we started integrating doTERRA essential oils into our daily routine, and it has had a phenomenal influence on our lives. We have found a way to integrate the use of essential oils into the already relaxing effects of a weighted blanket, by creating a leather diffuser strap that can be added onto the blanket in one easy step. Combining the calming effects of a weighted blanket with the benefits of essential oils creates the ultimate relaxation device for you to enjoy.

Box showing different doTERRA essential oils in a decorative box with the leather diffusers displayed in the lid

In today’s crazy busy world, it is essential to find a way to be calm.

So, from our family to yours we wish you calmness and happiness.