Evaluating the Safety and Effectiveness of the Weighted Blanket With Adults

Some of our customers have inquired as to the safety of weighted blankets for sleeping.  The study linked to below was conducted in 2016.  Its purpose was to investigate the safety and effectiveness of the ongoing use of a 30-pound Weighted Blanket.  The criteria was whether a weighted blanket would cause a negative impact onvital signs (blood pressure, pulse rate, pulse oximetry) with an adult inpatientmental health population. The results demonstrated no adverse effects on vital signs with the use of the 30-pound Weighted Blanket. The study verified that “the use of a Weighted Blanket was safe for 100% of the adult participants. Continue reading “Evaluating the Safety and Effectiveness of the Weighted Blanket With Adults”

Insomnia, Anxiety and Sleeping Disorders and More

Weighted blankets have traditionally been used as part of occupational therapy for children who experience sensory disorders, stress and anxiety, often related to autism. Adult psychiatrists have more recently found weighted blankets to be a powerful tool for helping adults who are anxious, upset and possibly about to loose control.

The below excerpts cite independent professionals Temple Grandin, Ph.D. and  Continue reading “Insomnia, Anxiety and Sleeping Disorders and More”