Weighted Blanket – Avengers

Therapeutic weighted blankets should be around 10% of an adults’ body weight and 10% plus a pound for children (anyone under age 15).

Please use our blanket wizard or see our chart for your personalized suggested weight.  We offer blankets in a range of weights from 4 pounds to 20 pounds.


We use a high-density poly pellet (HDPP)inside the blanket.  The HDPP’s are hypo allergenic, non-toxic and BPA free!


Our blankets are great for your home. You will want one in your bed and on your couch!  However, we also offer more portable options – check out our  ready made scarfs!

  • Tailor made to order, based on your specific physiology
  • Largest selection of fabrics, guaranteed
  • Premium fabrics for the best feel
  • 100% washable and breathable
  • One piece construction – no clumsy cover or duvet
  • Exclusive complimentary diffuser – Calmessence patent pending
  • Made in the U.S.A.

We combined the calming effects of the deep pressure input with the therapeutic effects of doTERRA essential oils with our patent-pending removable diffuser.  Each Calmessence blanket includes one complimentary snap-on leather diffuser.  Pick a diffuser along with your fabrics after choosing your right weight and size.



Rear Fabric *

Choose a rear fabric color to see how it looks with your top fabric!

Premium Leather Diffuser *

If you choose “No Diffuser” your blanket will be made without snaps. Snaps cannot be added later, so we recommend a blank diffuser if you don’t plan on incorporating essential oil therapy right away.

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